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Two long-lost lovers in their 80s, Agnes and Eddie, reignite their flame against all odds with hilarious and touching consequences.
Starring Kika Markham (Two English Girls, Mr Selfrige, Outland) and David Hargreaves (Fleabag, Last Christmas, The Flatshare)
BFI x Network funded.
A fight to get through the gridlock becomes a fight for survival for Amanda as her body comes to a standstill.

Starring Victoria Diamond (Blood and Treasure, Transplant)
CALQ (Quebec Arts Council) funded
50K+ views on Omeleto, 3M+ views on TikTok
What If? - 2021
At each step, Elena’s agoraphobia reinforces her sense of mortality but, as anxiety spreads around her like wildfire, she finally sees a way out.

Starring Izabella Malewska (Underwise 2022 Best Performance nomination)
In Distribution - screener available
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